Dear Voters,

For the last 4 years serving as your Senator, I have focused on legislation that improves our community and positively impacts our state.

I’ve engaged with constituents at more than 400 individual and community meetings outside of the Capitol, and participated in hundreds of public community meetings around Senate District 60.

I’ve listened to your concerns, ideas, and perspectives, and passed 57 bills (listed individually below) that directly impact people in our area, including:

  • expansion of the Working family tax credit,
  • increasing the Higher Education tax deduction,
  • consumer protections to reduce cell phone theft,
  • reauthorizing and expanding the Environmental Response fund,
  • a bill to increase youth employment,
  • and a bill to reform and update railroad safety liability.

As your State Senator, I will work every day to keep people safe, self-reliant, educated, and employed. Working together, we can enhance the health, safety, and quality of life in our community.

I ask for your support and your vote to continue this important work. Thank you.




Senator Kari Dziedzic: Proven, Progressive Leadership


Proven Results: Environmental Response Fund

Senator Dziedzic worked to reauthorize the Environmental Response Fund (ERF), securing funding to clean up contaminated sites that are a threat to human health and the environment in Hennepin County. Hennepin County has awarded $46.3 million for those clean up efforts including recent grants for Northeast Park contaminated soil excavation, the Superior Plating site remediation, gas vapor remediation at 700 Central Avenue, and asbestos abatement at Seward Towers.


Progressive Policymaker: Tax Reform That Works

As a champion of tax reform, Senator Dziedzic successfully led the efforts to increase homeowners’ property tax refunds and renters’ credit refunds, and expand eligibility for those programs. She authored the bill that increased Minnesota’s Working Family Tax Credit by about 25%, directly improving tax fairness for at least 331,000 taxpayers. By working together with Representatives in the House and Governor Dayton, Kari helped to pass progressive tax reform that increased taxes on the wealthiest 2% so they pay their fair share. Senator Dziedzic has demonstrated the ability to dig into the details of tax reform and get results.



Inclusive Leadership: Bringing People to the Table

In collaboration with neighborhood leaders and constituents, Senator Dziedzic fought hard to increase funding for the Collaborative Urban Educator Program. This innovative program is designed to expand teacher diversity in Minnesota (currently 96% white), and funds the East African Student to Teachers (EAST) program at Augsburg to train Somali, Oromo & other East African teachers. This is one example of the critical changes we need to make to address racial and economic disparities in Minnesota, and Kari knows we need to bring people together to get things done.



Local Perspective: Practical Solutions to Real-World Problems

When local residents began calling and emailing Senator Dziedzic about the Bakken Oil trains running through the neighborhoods, Kari knew that most railroad issues are under federal jurisdiction. So she brought the city, state, and railroads together and pushed them to work out an agreement to that guarantees that bridge engineers from Minneapolis and the State have direct connections to the proper railroad employees to address railroad bridge maintenance concerns. But she didn’t stop there. She authored and passed a bill that updated a 1905 law to clarify railroad corporation liability for certain damages and expenses in the event of an emergency incident. She continues to work to make sure that the railroads are cooperating with emergency management teams and that their safety plans are thorough.


In the last four years, Kari Dziedzic’s has delivered results and real progressive change for her Minneapolis constituents and people all across Minnesota.  Kari worked with her DFL colleagues to invest in education at all levels, increase the minimum wage, pass marriage equality, and so much more to make Minnesota a better place for everyone. Below is the list of 57 bills that Kari authored and passed into law.

13 2013 Extends mortgage/deed tax expiration for Hennepin and Ramsey counties to clean up brownfields Passed
128 2013 $5 m DEED appropriation for Minnesota Trade Office to increase export opportunities Passed, included in HF 729 (Jobs Bill)
134 2013 Tobacco Uniformity Act. Redefines “little cigar” and cigarette definitions. Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
140 2013 Improves the property tax refund system by removing contributions made to certain retirement accounts from the definition of household income used to calculate refund amounts. Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
156 2013 Removes the one-year carryforward limit on certain bonds and the requirement that unused carryovers be deducted from the following year’s allocation Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
166 2013 Resolution honoring Kerry Ashmore  
315 2013 $11.75 million in Bonding – Minneapolis Franklin Ave. Bridge rehabilitation Passed, included in HF 2490 (bonding)
414 2013 Prohibits parking in designated bicycle lanes Passed, included in SF 1270 (Transportation bill)
415 2013 Prohibits cars from passing other vehicles on the right by moving into bike lanes and specifies legal bike-lane driving behavior Passed, included in SF 1270 (Transportation bill)
432 2013 $500,000 for African Development Center for job and entrepreneur training and financial literacy programs in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Willmar, Mankato and Rochester Included in Senate Jobs bills.   CC removed direct appropriations.
476 2013 Department of Revenue Policy Bill – technical changes Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
602 2013 Requires prompt payment of wages and establishes penalties for failure to pay promptly. Passed (HF 748)
643 2013 Allows the DOC to access employment data on offenders to track pre-probation and post-probation employment. Passed, included in SF 745 (Data bill)
658 2013 Adds misrepresentation of employment relationships to the list of laws for which DOLI may issue a compliance order. Passed, included in HF 729 (Jobs Bill)
681 2013 Expands crime prevention program security information to include mailing addresses, email addresses or other digital addresses, and classifies the data as non-public. Passed, included in SF 745 (Data bill)
693 2013 Survival or continuation of a civil action after the death or disability of a party authorization Passed Senate; returned with House amend.; failed on tie vote
735 2013 Promotes use of mediation by creating an Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution within the Bureau of Mediation Services. Also makes grants to nonprofits assisting in dispute resolution. Passed, included in SF 1607 and HF 729
745 2013 Omnibus Data Practices Bill Passed
808 2013 $1 million increase to Collaborative Urban Educator Program, which provides grants to three teacher training programs designed to expand diversity of Minnesota’s teaching workforce. Also adds funding for an East African teacher prep program at Augsburg College. Passed, included in HF 630 (Education Finance bill)
910 2013 Permits the Secretary of State to solicit funds to be used for technical enhancements to the state’s election system and Safe At Home address confidentiality program. Passed, SF 1589
987 2013 Legislative Citizen Commission on MN Resources bill Passed (HF 1113)
1111 2013 Allows Hennepin County, not just the city and school district, to negotiate agreements concerning hiring and terms of employment for skilled trade and craft workers and apprentices with local labor organizations. Passed (HF 1195)
1143 2013 Modifies requirements for disclosure of settlement agreements involving some public employees. Passed, included in F 745 (Data bill)
1175 2013 Historic structure rehabilitation income and corporate franchise tax credit Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
1261 2013 Hall’s Island recreation authority Did not pass, but see SF 1476
1264 2013 $9.5 million for specific youth employment programs. Portion passed does not include specific list but general grants to youth employment programs. Passed in part, included in HF 729 (Jobs bill)
1273 2013 $310,000 grant to Advocating Change Together to maintain and promote services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Passed, HF 1233
1284 2013 $850,000 to the MN High Tech Association to support SciTechspherience to support STEM internship opportunities for postsecondary students. Passed, included in HF 729 (Jobs Bill)
1476 2013 Hall’s Island construction authorization Passed, included in HF 976
1483 2013 $330,000 to renovate and expand the Brian Coyle Community Center Passed, HF 2490 (2014 bonding bill)
1516 2013 This is the bill that led to significant property tax refund increases in the 2013 tax bill. It increased homeowners’ refunds and renters’ refunds and expanded the number of people eligible to receive refunds. Passed, included in HF 677 (tax bill)
1679 2013 $8.67 million to design and construct an Aquatic Invasive Species lab at the U of M. Passed, included in HF 2490 (2014 bonding bill)
1770 2014 Data practices bill Passed
1899 2014 Legislative Citizen Commission on MN Resources bill Passed (HF 1874)
1964 2014 Establishes rules for retailers that buy and sell used cell phones, and establishes criminal penalties for violating the rules (cracks down on cell phone thefts). Added to SF 1964. Passed
1972 2014 $56.7 million to renovate, furnish and quip the Tate Laboratory of Physics at the U of M. Passed, included in HF 2490 (bonding bill)
2185 2014 Prohibits county commissioners from serving as drainage inspectors Passed, HF 2733
2500 2014 Contracting grants management process and contract management provisions modifications Passed, HF 2217
2360 2014 Conveyance of tax-fortified land bordering public water in Hennepin County Passed, included in SF 2449
2484 2014 Increases the Working Family Tax Credit and expands the number of Minnesotans qualifying for the credit. Passed, included in HF 1777 (tax conformity bill)
2514 2014 Conforms to federal higher education expense tax deduction for Tax Year 2013. Passed, included in HF 1777 (tax conformity bill)
2676 2014 $1 million to DEED to increase rates to providers of extended employment services for persons with severe disabilities. Passed, included in HF 3172 (omnibus supplemental finance bill)
2695 2014 Prohibits labeling or advertising a plant as beneficial to pollinators if the plant was treated with an insecticide that was absorbed by the plant. Passed, HF 2798
2712 2014 Clarifies criminal penalties for failure to pay court-ordered child support. Passed
2718 2014 Requires monthly reports to the Judicial Standards Board on district judges’ compliance with the 90-day requirement. Passed
2941 2014 Increases the annual liability threshold when retailers must submit June sales taxes early. Helped about 5,000 small businesses. Passed, included in HF 3167 (tax bill)
398 2015 Collaborative Urban Educator Bill to increase the number of teachers of color. $195,000 each year for the Southeast Asian teacher program at Concordia University, the Collaborative Urban Educator program at St. Thomas, the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching at Hamline, and the East Africa Student to Teacher program at Augsburg. Passed, included in SF 3 (special session Ed finance)
411 2015 $2 million to the MN High Tech Association to support SciTechspherience to support STEM internship opportunities for postsecondary students. Passed, included in HF 3 (special session Jobs bill)
446 2015 $50,000 from the arts and cultural heritage fund for a grant to the MN State Band to promote and increase public performances. Passed, included in SF 1 (special session Legacy Bill)
487 2015 $400,000 to Twin Cities RISE! To provide training to hard-to-train individuals Passed, included in HF 3 (special session Jobs bill)
698 2015 Legislative Citizen Commission on MN Resources bill Passed
1154 2015 $2.85 million for the business development competitive grant program (urban challenge grants program). Passed, included in HF 3 (special session Jobs bill)
1286 2015 Establishes a Summer Academic Enrichment Program and appropriates $200,000 for summer academic enrichment grants. Passed, included in SF 5 (Higher Ed Bill)
1478 2015 Repeals the former Interstate Compact on Juveniles. Passed
1589 2015 $3.35 million a year for the Youth at Work youth workforce development competitive grant program. Passed, included in HF 3 (special session Jobs bill)
1679 2015 Establishes financial responsibilities and insurance rules for Transportation Network Companies. Passed
1705 2015 Clarifies railroad corporation liability for certain types of damage and expenses for response to a fire. Passed, included in SF 1647 (Transportation bill)
1776 2015 Conveyance of tax-forfeited land bordering public water in Hennepin County. Passed, included in SF 1406
1919 2015 Sunday growlers off-sale authorization Passed, included in SF 1238 (Omnibus Liquor bill)