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Our shared values don’t start and end with a petition, but by coming together and speaking out we can make an enormous impact.  Please join me in advocating for our community, state, and country.

Petition: Call on Legislators to Address Climate Change

​Extreme weather has already impacted Minnesota in unprecedented and irreversible ways.​  We all have a responsibility to change the trajectory.  But progress will not be made unless the state of Minnesota demands industry change.  Sign on to demand that the Minnesota Legislature takes up a climate action package to hold corporate polluters accountable and to require energy providers to transition to clean energy.

Petition: Increase School Counselors and Mental Health Resources for Students

Even before the pandemic, Minnesota had one of the worst Counselor to Student ratios in the nation.  Now, the need for mental health resources available to students has become even more urgent.  Add your name to call on legislators to increase the number of school counselors and mental health resources in schools across Minnesota.

Petition: Safe & Affordable Housing for All

Quality, stable, affordable housing is core to everything we do.  Yet, low-income, immigrant, and marginalized people have been facing insurmountable barriers to safe and stable housing for years. Many Minnesotans are one financial crisis away from an eviction. And recent tragic fires across the nation have reminded us that Congress must act to ensure housing is not only stable and affordable, but also safe.  We have an opportunity to make a historic investment in housing that will pay it forward.

Sign on to advocate that Congress pass the High-Rise Fire Sprinkler Act (HF6192/S3346) and the Build Back Better Bill. These bills provide incentives and funding to retrofit sprinklers in high-rise buildings and will provide much needed funding for affordable housing investments

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